Welcome to Villani Lab, where we study the human immune system using systems immunology and single-cell technologies.

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We are developing and implementing single-cell 'omics' strategies and systems immunology approaches to understand the players and rules governing human immune response regulation as a foundation for deciphering human traits and diseases.

The Villani laboratory seeks to establish a comprehensive roadmap of the human immune system by achieving a higher resolution definition and functional characterization of cell subsets and rules governing immune response regulation, as a foundation to decipher how immunity is dysregulated in diseases.

To study and model the immune system as a function of “healthy” and inflammatory states, disease progression, and response to treatment, we use:

  • unbiased systems immunology approaches
  • cutting edge immunogenomics
  • single-cell ‘multi-omics’ strategies
  • integrative computational frameworks

Our multi-disciplinary team of immunologists, geneticists, computational biologists, and physicians work towards answering several key questions:

  • Do we know all existing blood immune cell subsets?
  • How do circulating immune cells mirror those in tissue microenvironment in the context of health and disease?
  • Can we identify targets that would improve immunotherapy efficacy by increasing specificity?

Collectively, our groundwork is paving the way for developing a human immune lexicon that is key to promoting effective bench-to-beside translation of findings.

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Villani Lab
Charlestown Navy Yard Building 149
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P: 617-643-3858
E: avillani@mgh.harvard.edu

Research Projects

Deciphering immune-related adverse events (irAEs) induced by immunecheckpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy.

Leveraging Single-Cell ‘Omics’ to Unravel New Insights into Human Immune System

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BBQ with the lab, 2019.
BBQ with the lab, 2019.